Crypto Country Association,

The Crypto Country Association is an organization dedicated to supporting the blockchain and crypto currency sectors in Liechtenstein. The aim of the association is coordination of the application and dissemination of these ideas in Liechtenstein and beyond, while at the same time providing quality assurance. To further these aims, the executive board and members of the association are available to other members, as well as third parties, for information and support. Furthermore, the association maintains close contact with the authorities as well as industry representatives.


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Thomas Nägele, Attorney at Law at NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC, focuses on legal advice in the area of IT law. The handling of legal advice surrounding blockchain technology requires both legal expertise and knowledge of IT, two areas in which Mr. Nägele undoubtedly possesses the requisite skills. Outside of his formal legal education and numerous years of experience in the legal industry, and his knowledge in the area of IT is unsurpassed; witnessed by his continued involvement in software programming over the past 10 years, combined with his involvement with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology since 2011. Thomas also advises clients in international finance, technology and industrial enterprises, operating in the fields of Blockchain/DLT, telecommunications and internet, as well as public institutions. Besides being Attorney and legal Advisor, he teaches at the University of Liechtenstein, giving lectures and presentations on the newest legal developments. Serving as co-founder of the CCA, Mr. Nägele can be viewed as responsible for numerous developments regarding information technology within the county.   





Klaus Stark is a Managing Director of Ganten Treuhand in Liechtenstein. He studied business administration at the school of Economics and Administration within the University of St. Gallen and is a member of various associations; such as the "Association of Auditors, Accountants, and Tax Consultants" in Liechtenstein, or “Verband der Wirtschaftsprüfer” (VBBS); and the "International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners" (STEP). Klaus has numerous years of experience in the financial services sector and had proven himself as an ICO and crypto expert, serving as co-founder of the Blockchain-Meetup Liechtenstein. Ultimately, his distinctive experience, coupled with his extensive knowledge as an economist, render him an incredibly valuable asset for the CCA.




Mauro Casellini is responsible for the blockchain business accounts at Bank Frick in Balzers, Liechtenstein. He leads a team of 14 employees who are responsible for advising business clients and payment server providers; as well as for DLT-Companies, ICOs, and all requests related to cryptocurrencies. Mauro's primary focus surrounds the question of how to increase the efficiency of business processes using blockchain technology.




Tobias Fitz is Co-Founder of and has been working at the University of Liechtenstein for several years. He has participated in the formation of many start-ups, including several focused on blockchain technology.



Pablo Coirolo is the CEO and founder of Light47, CEO of Debicoin, Managing Director at Ficus Capital Peru, Co-Founder of Debifone, and CEO of Telefónica Data Uruguay.

In the words of Pablo himself, he states, “My passion lies in innovation and transformative technologies. I believe that connecting the dots can be achieved by drawing from a great diversity of business and life experiences, and I am constantly looking for new ways to view and interpret the world through the lens of technology.”

After his discovery Bitcoin in Berlin during 2014, he decided to dive head first into the world of crypto currencies and blockchain technology. He then launched the Bit-film Festival in Montevideo at Universidad ORT Uruguay. Pablo then founded Debicoin, enabling companies in the blockchain and crypto spaces to connect their projects via multinational corporations. Relocating from Germany to Zug (Crypto Valley) in 2016, he has been actively involved in the Swiss blockchain and crypto ecosystems. This evolved into his active participation in the Liechtenstein blockchain and crypto ecosystems, based on his work with an ICO project in the country. Later, in 2018, Pablo founded Light49 in the country, a blockchain and crypto services company providing a wide range of services including: project management, legal and corporate structure, system development, smart contract auditing, project evaluation, business development services, marketing services, white paper development and advising, project financing; including the development of KYC and AML platforms.

Serving as an ambassador since 2018, Pablo’s tenacity and extensive experience render him an invaluable advisor to the CCA.



Bud Delhees graduated from the Kantonsschule in Zug and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in political economics at the University of Lucerne. He has been working with Ganten Treuhand AG in Liechtenstein since 2017. Here at the CCA, he is responsible for the coordination administrative activities.