The Principality of Liechtenstein is an excellent location for companies. Entrepreneurship pays of here. Embedded between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein offers a broadly diversified and stable business location with over 4,300 active companies and about 36,000 workplaces. All the advantages of the location speak for themselves.

Just a few states nowadays can claim that they are debt-free. Liechtenstein is one of those. The stability of the social and economic order, the legal certainty and the Swiss franc as the functional currency ensure stability.

The country is not familiar with strike culture and social partnerships between employers` and employees` organizations wear their name rightly.

Performance must pay off. Capital should be available for investment, growth, research and development activities. This principle fits Liechtenstein`s liberal attitude. The uniform income tax rate for companies in Liechtenstein amounts 12.5 percent. The payment of this flat tax covers everything, as Liechtenstein has neither a capital nor a coupon tax. Also, there is no distribution surcharge, no taxes on dividends and no capital or liquidation gains on investments.


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Crypto Country
Association, Liechtenstein

The Crypto Country Association is an organization dedicated to supporting the blockchain and crypto currency sectors in Liechtenstein. The aim of the association is coordination of the application and dissemination of these ideas in Liechtenstein and beyond, while at the same time providing quality assurance. To further these aims, the executive board and members of the association are available to other members, as well as third parties, for information and support. Furthermore, the association maintains close contact with the authorities as well as industry representatives.


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